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Lame Duck

Updated On: Jan 20, 2011 (09:43:00)

Webster defines a lame duck as an elected official continuing to hold office between an election and

the inauguration of a successor. This results in a delay of legislation that could potentially benefit the

working middle class.

As the next elected officials are sworn in, we the voters need to hold our representatives' feet to the

fire. We need to get out of the mindset that once the election is over our voices become silent. As new

legislation is introduced, we must make sure that it is beneficial for our brotherhood and provides fair

and equal opportunities to those who work hard. The best way to make our voices heard is by calling

our representatives or writing letters to our local newspapers.


Updated On: Jan 10, 2010 (16:46:00)

Welcome to Teamsters Local 822's Web page. There will be articles informing you of what's going on in your Local and a way for you to voice your opinions.  A strong Union remains strong when its members are well informed.  This page can only be successful if you are involved.  If you are interested in becoming involved and writing articles pertaining to your company or would like to see somethingh added, please contact Fred Storminger at fredstorminger@cox.net .  Lets make 2010 the year YOU become involved with Local 822.





Updated On: Jan 10, 2010 (16:49:00)

Have you joined Teamsters? If so, welcome to the strongest labor union in the United States. If not, what's holding you back?

The cost? A distrust of unions? Apathy?

For more than a century, Teamsters have been active in helping working men
and women across the United States. On the home front and the frontlines, Teamsters were an integral part of the United States' victories in both World Wars.  Teamsters were steadfast in demanding workers' rights, despite brutal physical attacks.  Teamsters marched for civil rights alongside their fellow workers when most were afraid to do so.  Because of their belief in the working men and women of this country, Teamsters were always there.

Teamsters are still active in community service and social causes.  We are committed to fighting for higher pay and better benefits.  Because we care, we're electing and supporting politicians who will look out for the good of the worker - you.  Teamsters will never stop supporting pro-labor legislation and defending the rights of the working man and woman.  

Today we are thankful that throughout history, Teamsters were unwilling to back down when our livelihoods were at stake, that the fear and ignorance of others didn't cloud their minds.  The hallmark pride and strength of the Teamsters lives on today, as we embrace "one member, one vote."  Let's work together, unified, to champion the rights of our brothers and sisters in the next century.


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Workers Rights in Academia under attack by Anti-Union NLRB https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=660199191169137&id=343722809483445
Did you know? In 1992, Teamsters Local 822 changed Labor Law for workers everywhere. In a hard fought battle that raged through the NLRB process and the courts, Teamsters stood strong and fought hard. In a case that was eventually decided by Pre-Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (The Notorious R.B.G.) as well as US Circuit Judge Patricia Wald. In a decision given by Clarence Thomas (shocking right?) It became a Labor Law infraction for a company to violate a strike settlement agreement. Prior to this decision, a violation had to be proven to have an overt anti union intent. This decision has come into play time and time again when protecting the rights of striking workers and will protect the striking UAW workers when they negotiate terms with the company. For this and countless other reasons, we are proud to be members of Teamsters 822!
For Today's Friends-of-Labor Spotlight we are taking a look at the Virginia Senate District #5. This district covers part of Norfolk and Chesapeake. We are proud to endorse Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr.. Senator Spruill has proudly served the people of the Virginia as both a member of the State Senate and a former member of the House of Delegates. For more information on Senator Spruill check him out at www.spruillforsenate.com .
For today's Friends-of-Labor showcase we are crossing the water into Newport News. Shelly Simmonds is running for Virginia House District 94. Shelly is a former teacher and currently sits on the School Board for Newport News. Shelly is the reason we need working men and women to vote on November 5th. Many may recognize her as the 2017 candidate that tied in the general election and then lost by the drawing of a name at random. We cannot afford a repeat and even one more vote for Shelly could be the difference in having Labor's interest better represented in Virginia. For more information on Shelly or to find out how to support her campaign, please visit www.simondsfordelegate.com.
Continuing our Friends-of-Labor Series, we are proud to endorse Karen Mallard who is running for Virginia House District 84. You can read more about Karen and her campaign by visiting www.karenmallard.com or at Karen Mallard for Delegate.
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